Saturday at the Exhibition Hub

Goods Shed, MacDonagh Junction

An major exhibition that, for the first time, brings together the artwork from cartoonists, illustrators and animators as a group of outstanding visual storytellers. See original work from character designers, gag cartoonists and animation artists responsible for work at Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar, New Yorker magazine. The New York Times, The Irish Times, Washington Post, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures and the Jim Henson Company among many, many others. Artists include: Dave Coverly, Nick Galifianakis, Mattias Adolfsson, Peter de Seve, Carter Goodrich, Matt Diffee, Jose Luis Agreda, Annie West, Francesca Natale, Jenn Ely, Lynn Chen, Nilah Magruder, Genevieve Godbout, Betsy Bauer, H.Y.T Studios, Fuchsia Macaree, Ruan van Vliet, Aliki Theofilopoulos, Teny Issakhanian, Sarah Andersen, Jim Cogan, Peter Diamond, Roger O’Reilly, Tom Mathews, Graeme Keyes and VIZ comic among others.