Standup Comedy and Animation with Bec Hill and Howard Read

The Set Theatre

A brilliantly hilarious comedy show that perfectly combines standup comedy and elements of animation and illustration from Bec Hill and Howard Read. Australian-born and now London-based, Bec has gained a cult following in Australia, the UK and Ireland thanks to her award-winning solo shows, Twitter presence and popular YouTube videos. She has a talent for incorporating arts and crafts into her stand-up routines, creating a unique and unforgettable comedy style that she calls “paper-puppetry”. Howard appears with Little Howard – a sketched cartoon child aged 6 who is a “standing-up comedian”. He appears on a projection screen except on his own TV show, interacting either with Big Howard, the audience, or with other animated characters. He is adept at interrupting Big Howard, dealing with hecklers and doing tarot readings with a pack of Top Trumps. His favourite food is fish and chips and he is currently learning the ukulele.