The Watergate Theatre
Parliament St, Gardens, Kilkenny


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Sep 30 2023


8:00 pm



A History of Animation through Music with Neil Brand

Embark on a musical adventure through the ages of animation in this delightful live event best suited for audiences aged 9+.

Renowned musician and composer Neil Brand will take audiences on a journey from the earliest silent animations through the heady days of Disney, the madcap mayhem of Tom and Jerry, the surreal world of Len Lye, the 60s psychedelia of Yellow Submarine to the modern phenomena of Pixar, Dreamworks and Studio Ghibli, playing classic well-loved tunes while providing spoken analysis along the way.

This show, which will delight and inform in equal measure, promises to captivate audiences while paying tribute to the composers in animation who make the impossible seem real through the magic of their work.

Presented by Ronan McCabe, CEO of Animation Ireland, who have kindly sponsored this event.

Online sales finish 2hrs before each event BUT tickets for all events NOT sold out will be available to buy on the door of the venue, cash only!

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